1. Activities & Recreation

    Participate in city recreation.

  2. Alerts

    Review announcements of important information (e.g., warnings of natural disasters) sent to you / your phone through email or text message.

  3. Animal Services

    Get a hold of animal control.

  4. Domestic Services

    Call the Police Department with any domestic or victim disputes.

  5. Economic Development / Incentives

    Obtain incentives for your growing business.

  6. Emergency Preparedness

    Stay prepared in the case of emergencies.

  7. Garbage & Recycling

    Properly dispose of your household waste.

  8. Housing

    Contact housing services.

  9. Map & Parcel Numbers

    Find a map and parcel number for tax information retrieval.

  10. Meeting Documents

    Review board and commission meeting documents.

  11. Online Payments

    Make an online bill payment or purchase.

  12. Permits and Licenses Online

    Apply for Permits and Licenses Online using Viewpermit

  13. Public Health

    Stay up to date on public health practices.

  14. Real Estate Taxes

    Find out more about property taxes.

  15. Street & Highway Maintenance

    Learn how your highways are maintained.

  16. Tax Information

    Check out the tax changes.

  17. Vital Records

    Request a vital record.