1. About South Hadley

    Learn about the history and culture of South Hadley, as well as the recreational opportunities, shopping, and more.

  2. Business Climate

    With 92% of the tax base derived from residential property, the business sector does not comprise a large portion of the community, but it does contribute significantly to the community's character.

  3. Community Event Calendar

  4. Community News

    Review current news and announcements regarding the organization and/or community.

  5. Community Profile

    Browse various maps of the community and tables from the 2000 census and other sources.

  6. Directions & Access

    Get directions to South Hadley.

  7. Education

    Learn about the various educational institutions of South Hadley, from public schools to college.

  8. Government

    Continuing the uniquely New England tradition of participatory government, South Hadley maintains a Representative Town Meeting form of government.

  9. History

    Read about the history of South Hadley.

  10. Location, Geography, & Climate

    Centrally located in the scenic Pioneer Valley, our location and abundant natural resources have shaped our community and formed the character of the town.

  11. Maps

    Explore a list of available maps of the region.

  12. Museums & Cultural Venues

    Find information about the museums and other venues that celebrate the town's culture.

  13. Office / Retail Centers & Districts

    Review a listing of local businesses.

  14. Parks & Facilities

    Rent or reserve parks, facilities, and amenities.

  15. Population

    With a population of approximately 17,300, the community has a density of only 945 persons per square mile.

  16. Recreational Opportunities

    With mild and diverse weather and ease of access to the Connecticut River and the Mount Holyoke Range, it is no surprise that South Hadley residents and visitors enjoy a variety of year-round recreational activities.

  17. Report a Concern

    Take advantage of the opportunity to submit concerns, complaints, and problems directly to the organization.

  18. Resources for the Community

    Review resources from around the area.